Screen Printing

Estate-AgentsAs well as offering up to date digital printing services, we still offer screen printing.

This method of printing can become cost effective when printing a large quantity of signs.

This choice of signage is popular with estate agents, where they require a large quantity of ‘For Sale’ and ‘Sold’ signs.

We can print on to most flat surfaces, such as: Paper, Vinyl, Correx and Rigid plastic.

The process of screen printing can be quite time consuming. First we will go through your requirements with you and produce artwork that you are happy with and have approved. The artwork needs to be able to be printable and can either be a single colour or multiple colours. Single colours are cheaper as they do not require so many processes to add other colours. Once your artwork is approved we will then go onto the process of screen printing. This is the most cost effective way of making a large quantity of printed signs compared to digital print.

First we will create a stencil of your artwork using cut out vinyl and apply it on to a thin layer of transparent plastic. We then choose an appropriate size screen, coat both sides of it with sensitive emulsion and put it behind the stencil and vacuum them together. We then expose the paste with UV light which causes everything around the stencil to harden. We then rinse off the emulsion that hasn’t hardened and attach the screen to the print bench. Underneath the screen is the bench where the material sits underneath the stencil. A stop is made to insure that the material goes in the right place under the screen. We then apply a generous amount of ink across the width of the screen and pull it over so that the whole image is covered. A squeegee blade is then used at an angle to apply pressure on the screen so that the ink goes through the screen as a block colour in the shape of the stencil. The material is then left to dry on a rack and the process is now complete unless more colours need to be added.

Visit our gallery to see examples of our work.